Prince Chen Liu was of the royal bloodline and his talent was extraordinary. Since he grew up in the royal palace and had a high status, he never participated in the Grand Examination and didn’t have any chances to show his strength. The principal of the Heavenly Academy and the guests of the Royal Palace all said that it would be easy for him to enter the Proclamation of the Azure Clouds based off his strength when he was young. Now that he’s more than twenty years old, if he was willing, there would be a spot on the Honor Roll of Midas for him as well.

People believe that the Divine Queen still distrusts him. Because the Divine Queen has never definitively made her opinion about Chen Liu known, he is respected but isolated.

His father is supposedly taking shelter with the Qiu Shan clan in The South .


Many years ago, after the last rebel of the royals was put down by the Divine Queen ’s bloody actions, all of the people who contained royal bloodline has been expelled from the capital and were sent to different provinces for inspection and watch. Only Prince Chen Liu was allowed to stay in the Prince Mansion of the capital due to his young age. Perhaps it was due to his young age, the Divine Queen allowed him to enter the palace and study with the princess and Lady Mo Yan . These two lived together, drank together, and ate together. They created a strong bond between each other and the Divine Queen watched him grow up. Therefore she liked him a lot. Even after Chen Liu became an adult the Divine Queen didn’t expel him from the capital but instead granted him a Prince status. Of course, besides the long term relationship and the good reputation, many people thought the reason that the Divine Queen treated Prince Chen Liu so well was because the Prince Liu reminded her of her dead sons.