Protected Luo Luo when Xiao Song Gong attacked her during the last night of the Ivy League gathering.

He also went by the name of "official Jin".

Looks like an ordinary middle age man, if a bit fat. He wears clothes with copper coins all over it and looks like a common rich man in the countryside.

Jin Yu Lu was one of the legends in this continent. During that era, when Humans and Yao united to fight against the Demons, he was the Hay Officer three times. Being the Hay Officer was extremely important because if he messed up, then unimaginable consequence might occur. When he said he would deliver the army provisions and weapons to where and when, then he would definitely make it. There were never any accidents. Because he stood by his words. Anyone who doubted his decision would die in the North.

Jin Yu Lu, the head of the four Generals of Yao.

The first Emperor of the Great Zhou once praised: His words are the equivalent to gold!