The southern Central Continent had multiple powers in it. There were many kingdoms, factions, and sects. Although they seem to be scattered all over the place, the number of xiuxingist in each group couldn’t be disregarded. It almost seemed that the southern region had more xiuxingist than the Zhou Dynasty had. Of these major powers of the southern region, the most influential powers were the Mountain Virgin ’s Nan Xi Institute , the Longevity Sect , and the Qiu Shan Family .

After ending the terrible and bloody war between humans and demons, the southern powers felt that they had sacrificed a lot and wanted to rise in power and status. They believed that the Mausoleum of Books belonged to the entire human world and shouldn’t be controlled by the Zhou Dynasty alone just as how the explanation of the Book shouldn’t be controlled by the Pope, who represented the Tradition.

For this reason, the southern power debated and argued with the previous three emperors of the Zhou Dynasty about the procedure and the name of the Great Trial. In addition, the Tradition was also split into two factions, the North and the South . Although the Southern sect still belonged to the Tradition, it only viewed the Pope as a spiritual leader. The powers were actually in the hands of the Virgin Sect .

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