A ruined garden that contains a lake.  The area is covered with a seal that cannot be broken from the inside.  Only when someone from the outside opens the garden gate can someone leave.

Chen Chang Shen was transported here on the third night of the Ivy League gathering to stop him from disrupting the marriage plans of the southern ambassadors.  To escape, he used his vast knowledge gained from reading to glean that the ruined garden was actually Tong Palace .  He did so by observing his surroundings and comparing it to a story in “The Travel of Nan Ke .”, a picture in “Zhen Lei Ben Chao" and the mention of a burned down palace in "Zhu Dian Yuan Hou Luan ”.

The lake was the living exit that allow escape. Only by walking on its icy surface and breaking the ice could the hidden stone staircase be located. The path was dry but deathly code and stacked with ice. The way led to a giant stone door form which emanated a deathly killing aura. On the other side of the door was a larger chamber where Chen Chang Shen met the Black Frost Dragon.